Workers' Compensation Denial Attorneys in Connecticut

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The workers’ compensation system is intended to provide workers with money for medical treatment, lost wages, and job retraining after they get hurt on the job. But filing a claim isn’t a guarantee you’ll get benefits. If your workers’ compensation claim was denied or you disagree with the decision issued, Carter Mario Injury Lawyers can fight for the benefits you’re owed.

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The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process

If you disagree with the decision issued for your work comp claim, you have the right to file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Compensation Review Board.

Our Connecticut workers’ compensation lawyers can help you through the following steps of the appeals process:

  • Preparing your petition for review form – You must file a petition for review form with the Compensation Review Board within 20 days of receiving a denial or decision you disagree with. Our legal team can ensure your paperwork is complete, accurate, and filed on time.
  • Submitting new evidence – New medical evidence may help increase the amount of benefits you can get, but the Compensation Review Board will require a valid reason why it wasn’t submitted when your initial claim was filed. We’ll look for evidence you may not know existed, and we’ll fight to make sure it’s considered.
  • Requesting an informal hearing – Informal hearings are short conferences held at one of the eight Workers’ Compensation Commission district offices in Connecticut. Your attorney will attend the hearing with you, and will meet with your employer or a representative of its insurance company. A commissioner will hear both sides and recommend a decision. If both sides agree, the decision becomes binding-or legally enforceable.
  • Requesting a formal hearing – If a fair decision cannot be reached during your informal hearing, you can request a formal hearing. During this hearing, you and your attorney will review all of the issues and evidence related to your claim with your employer or its insurer, which may take several hours. After a thorough review of your claim, the commissioner will issue a finding within four months of the hearing date.
  • Requesting a correction of the commissioner’s finding – If you disagree with the interpretation of your evidence during your formal hearing, your workers’ compensation lawyer may file a legal motion to correct the commissioner’s finding within two weeks of it being issued.
  • Appealing the commissioner’s finding – In cases where you disagree with the results of your formal hearing, you may appeal the decision within 20 days. Appeals at this point must be filed within the Connecticut appellate court system.

Don’t put your workers’ compensation benefits at risk by facing the appeals process alone. Turn to us for the legal representation you deserve. We have experience handling claims like yours, and we’re available 24/7.

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