Preparing Your Hospital Claim

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Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys

In order to file a successful hospital negligence claim on your behalf, our Connecticut medical malpractice lawyers must prove that a healthcare provider’s conduct has fallen below the professional standard of care, and this has caused you permanent harm. The first step in proving your claim against the hospital or healthcare provider responsible for your injuries is preparing a strong case.

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Steps to Follow

If you or a loved one were harmed by medical malpractice, we encourage you to follow these steps before filing a claim:

  • Make a list of all the people who were involved in your treatment.
  • Note all the dates of your treatment.
  • Keep copies of all the paperwork you received from healthcare providers, and have this information handy when you call or meet with Carter Mario Injury Lawyers.

We’ll use this information to help prepare a strong legal claim on your behalf. Once we’ve evaluated the facts of your case, we’ll determine the potentially responsible parties.

Investigating Your Claim

When investigating most medical malpractice claims, our legal team will collect and review medical records, document injuries and recovery, consult medical experts, and evaluate healthcare providers’ education and professional history.

But when investigating hospital negligence claims, our Connecticut medical malpractice attorneys will also:

  • Verify healthcare provider’s credentials – We’ll check the nurses’ and other clinicians’ licensure to verify their Connecticut license numbers, when they were granted, their expiration dates, and whether any disciplinary action has been taken on those professional licenses. You can also do this online at the Connecticut Department of Public Health website.
  • Evaluate violations of Connecticut regulations – Under the Connecticut Public Health Code, Connecticut hospitals are regulated in many areas of operation, including plant operations, administration, medical staff, medical record keeping, nursing services, dietary services, pharmacy services, maternity services, and infection control. Our legal team will evaluate your claim to determine if any regulations have been violated.

Before We File Your Claim

Once we’ve performed an investigation of your claim and are ready to file a lawsuit against the hospital, Connecticut law requires us to obtain a certificate of good faith. This certificate is a written and signed opinion from a healthcare provider similar to the one who caused you harm, stating that there appears to be evidence of hospital negligence in your claim. We have an extensive network of medical and nursing experts that can help us determine whether your case has merit.

We are also required to file suit within the Connecticut statute of limitations. In Connecticut, this is generally two years from the date of injury. That means, if you think you have a claim, don’t wait to contact Carter Mario Injury Lawyers.

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